STYLING Photography

There are two types of photography. Photography where you capture the world around you and photography that has an idea or question as a starting point. Styling determines to a large extent wether a photo conveys the message and reaches its goal.

For this photography assignment for my minor course at The Hague University, I needed to create ‘film stills’ with pictures taken with my own camera. I chose a neo-noir effect for my assignment, similar to the film ‘Sin City’. I wanted to visually bring the pictures to life. I hired three friends to pose as models/actors in a movie. With this assignment also came a synopsis with the results.


“A beautiful, young woman, walking down a dimly lit alley, is in for a rude awakening when two male vampires, tempted and famished, prey on her in order to reduce their cravings for blood. But what these men are about to realise is that they are dealing with a woman scorned.”