screen-shot-2018-05-30-at-13-44-08Dutchlabel is a full service advertising agency specialising in conceptual thinking. In 2015, I was hired as an intern to design and develop a new website for the company. During my internship, I used the knowledge I acquired at school to come up with a concept and work it out into a working prototype.

In order to complete my project, I follow a certain process method to ensure a successful result. The process consist of completing the following tasks:
– Research: find out who the target audience is, the purpose of the website and who the competitors are.
– Brainstorm: come up with many ideas that would work for the website.
– Concepting: taking the ideas I came up to create a concept for the website.
– Designing: develop the chosen concept into designing mockups of the website
– Prototyping: develop a working prototype to test the functionality of the website.
– Testing: test the prototype for feedbacks.

The result of the project is one-page website with simple functionalities that is understandable to the visitors of the website. Click for the demo: Dutchlabel – for conceptual use only.