Leiden English Theatre: Logo Rebrand

beforeafter_let_logoLeiden English Theatre, formerly known as Leiden English Freshers, is an English-language theatre group based in Leiden. For many years now, they have produced many theatre productions under the name Leiden English Freshers (aka LEF). Recently however, the group has decided to rebrand and change the name to Leiden English Theatre (LET). And with comes a brand new logo with the change.

I have been with the theatre group for nearly 4 years now. I have always lent my talent of designing to the team in which I created media content and designing posters/flyers for their productions. I was given the honour to design the new logo.

The board members of the theatre group instructed me to design a logo that had the same recognition of the old logo but with a new twist.

For the new design, I came up with a concept where the old logo would play a major role. For the black part of the logo, I used the theatre happy & sad masks vector to fill in the space. Instead of ‘F’ in the logo, it was changed to a ‘T’. And lastly, the name was moved outside of the black space. With this new logo, the group would be able to add minimal changes like the color depending on the production of the time. Also, this logo will be featured on shirts and other (offline/online) print media.

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